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Plate Type Heat Exchanger

We are engaged in offering an ample range of Water Cooled Condensers for chilling plants. The condenser is available in varied ranges of capacity from 3TR to 200TR. The condensers are manufactured keeping the accepted standards and the tonnage of refrigeration (TR) capacity in mind. We manufacture these condensers in a wide variety of sizes ranging from 6 inch to 24 inch in diameter. The length varies from 3 feet to 20 feet over the tube heads.
These condensers are designed for a pressure of 20 Kg per sq.cm gauge on shell side and 7 Kg per sq.cm gauge on water side. We also offer condensers for sea water marine applications or as per the requirements and specifications of the clients.

* High durability
* Low maintenance cost
* Trouble free operation

Plate Type Heat Exchanger: The PHE consists of a package with linked up embossed plates with passage openings. Every second plate is staggered by 180, creating a flow gap at any given time. All plates are provided with tied up or glued gaskets, which completely seal the various flow gaps from the outside and separate the media involved in heat exchange.

The plate package is mounted in a rack and is pressed between fixed plate and pressure plate by means of clamping bolts. Warm and cold media are normally led through the PHE in one-pass or multi-pass counter flows in order to guarantee a maximum heat transfer.

Connections of media involved in heat exchange are on the fixed plate, in case of multi-pass flow also on the pressure plate.

* Compact
* Extremely Efficient
* Corrosion Resistant
* Easy to Install & Maintain.

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